How to Remove Background in Sony Vegas Pro 13: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a powerful video editing software that offers a wide range of tools and features for creatives to enhance their projects. One of the essential techniques necessary for producing professional-looking videos is removing the background from footage. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of removing the background in Sony Vegas Pro 13, allowing you to achieve seamless and polished results in your video editing endeavors.

Importing And Adding The Video Clip To Sony Vegas Pro 13

When it comes to removing the background in Sony Vegas Pro 13, the first step is to import and add the video clip to the software. To do this, open the program and go to the File menu. From here, select the option to import media, and then browse for the video clip you want to work with.

Once you have located the video clip on your computer, select it and click on the Open button. Sony Vegas Pro 13 will then import the video and add it to your project timeline.

To add the video clip to the timeline, simply drag and drop it from the media pool onto the desired position in the timeline. You can also right-click on the video clip in the media pool and select the option to add it to the timeline.

By following these simple steps, you can easily import and add your video clip to Sony Vegas Pro 13, setting the stage for the background removal process.

Accessing The Chroma Keyer Tool In Sony Vegas Pro 13

The Chroma Keyer tool in Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a powerful feature that allows you to remove the background from your video clips. To access this tool, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Sony Vegas Pro 13 and import the video clip you want to work on. You can do this by clicking on the “File” tab at the top left of the interface and selecting “Import” from the drop-down menu. Choose the video file from your computer and click “Open”.

2. Once the video clip is imported, drag and drop it onto the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

3. Next, locate the “Video FX” tab in the upper left corner of the interface and click on it. A new window will appear with a list of available video effects.

4. Scroll through the list until you find the “Chroma Keyer” option. Click on it to select it.

5. The Chroma Keyer window will appear, allowing you to adjust various settings for background removal. These include the key color, similarity, threshold, and spill suppression. Play around with these settings until you achieve the desired result.

By following these steps, you can easily access the Chroma Keyer tool in Sony Vegas Pro 13 and start removing backgrounds from your video clips with ease.

Adjusting And Fine-Tuning The Chroma Key Settings For Background Removal

In this step, we will learn how to adjust and fine-tune the Chroma Key settings in Sony Vegas Pro 13 to effectively remove the background from your video clip.

First, select the video clip from the timeline and go to the “Video Event FX” menu. From there, click on the “Chroma Keyer” tool to open the settings panel.

Once the panel is open, you will see various options to tweak the Chroma Key settings. Start by adjusting the “Key Color” parameter to match the color of the background you want to remove. You can use the dropper tool to pick the color directly from your video.

Next, carefully adjust the “Tolerance” and “Spill Suppression” sliders to achieve a clean removal of the background. The “Tolerance” setting determines the range of colors that will be considered as part of the background, while “Spill Suppression” helps to minimize any color bleeding or reflections from the background.

Make sure to preview the changes in real-time by enabling the “Preview” button. This will allow you to refine the settings until you are satisfied with the background removal.

By adjusting and fine-tuning the Chroma Key settings, you can achieve a seamless and professional-looking background removal in Sony Vegas Pro 13.

Using Masking Techniques To Refine The Background Removal

Once you have applied the chroma keyer tool and removed the initial background from your video clip, it is time to refine the background removal using masking techniques in Sony Vegas Pro 13. Masking allows you to selectively hide or reveal parts of a layer, giving you greater control over the background removal process.

To begin, select the video clip on the timeline and navigate to the “Video Event FX” tab. Here, click on the “Masking” option and choose the type of mask you want to use, such as “Rectangle” or “Freehand.”

Next, use the mask controls to adjust the size and position of the mask to cover the areas where the background still appears. You can even animate the mask over time by keyframing the mask properties.

Additionally, you can apply feathering to the mask edges to create a smoother transition between the foreground and the removed background. Experiment with different feathering values until you achieve the desired result.

By using masking techniques, you can refine the background removal and ensure that the final video output appears seamless and professional.

Applying Filters And Effects To Enhance The Final Output

This step is crucial in making the final output look professional and polished. After removing the background, you can further enhance your video by applying various filters and effects in Sony Vegas Pro 13. These effects can help improve the overall visual quality of your video and give it a more professional touch.

One of the filters you can apply is the color correction filter. This filter allows you to adjust the color balance, saturation, and contrast of your video, making it visually appealing. You can also experiment with other filters like sharpening, blurring, or adding vignettes to add more depth and dimension to your video.

In addition to filters, you can also apply various effects such as transitions and text overlays to make your video more engaging and dynamic. Transitions can help smoothen the cuts between different scenes, while text overlays can be used to add captions or titles to your video.

By applying filters and effects, you can take your background-removed video to the next level and make it stand out from the crowd. It’s important to experiment and find the right combination of filters and effects that best suit your video’s theme and style.

Exporting The Video With Removed Background In Sony Vegas Pro 13

After successfully removing the background from your video clip using Sony Vegas Pro 13, the next step is to export the final result. This process ensures that the removed background remains intact and the video can be used in various platforms.

To export the video with the removed background, navigate to the “File” menu and select “Render As.” This will open a dialog box where you can customize the export settings according to your preferences.

Choose the desired format for your video, such as MP4, AVI, or WMV, and specify the location where you want to save the exported file. It is recommended to use a high-quality codec for optimal results.

Additionally, you can adjust the resolution, frame rate, and other settings in the dialog box. Consider the platform or device you will be using to play the video and ensure compatibility by selecting appropriate settings.

Once you have configured all the settings, click on “Render” to start the exporting process. Sony Vegas Pro 13 will start rendering the video with the removed background, and the progress will be displayed in the program.

After the rendering is complete, you can find the exported video file in the specified location. It is now ready to be shared, uploaded, or further edited if needed.

Tips And Tricks For Achieving Professional-looking Background Removal In Sony Vegas Pro 13

Achieving professional-looking background removal in Sony Vegas Pro 13 requires attention to detail and the use of specific techniques. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results:

1. Use a high-quality green screen: Invest in a good green screen to ensure a clean and smooth background removal process. Avoid wrinkles or creases on the screen as they can affect the final result.

2. Proper lighting is crucial: Ensure that the lighting on your subject and green screen is even and balanced. Shadows or uneven lighting can make the background removal process difficult and result in a less professional-looking outcome.

3. Adjust chroma key settings carefully: Experiment with different settings in the Chroma Keyer tool to find the perfect balance between removing the background and retaining the quality of your subject.

4. Use masking techniques for fine-tuning: In addition to the Chroma Keyer tool, utilize masking techniques in Sony Vegas Pro 13 to refine the background removal further. This allows you to tackle complex areas like hair or translucent objects.

5. Pay attention to edges: After removing the background, carefully inspect the edges of your subject. Adjust the feathering and softness settings to ensure a seamless transition between the subject and the new background or transparency.

6. Experiment with filters and effects: Once the background is removed, explore different filters and effects in Sony Vegas Pro 13 to enhance the final output. Be creative, but ensure that the effects complement your subject and overall video.

By following these tips and tricks, you can achieve a professional-looking background removal in Sony Vegas Pro 13, giving your videos a polished and visually appealing look.


1. How does Sony Vegas Pro 13 differ from other video editing software when it comes to removing backgrounds?

Answer: Sony Vegas Pro 13 provides powerful features and tools specifically designed for professional video editing, including a comprehensive background removal tool. Unlike other software, Sony Vegas Pro 13 offers precise control and flexibility in removing backgrounds, ensuring high-quality results for your videos.

2. Can I remove the background from any type of video using Sony Vegas Pro 13?

Answer: Yes, Sony Vegas Pro 13 allows you to remove the background from any type of video footage, be it from a green screen or any other colored backdrop. With its advanced chroma keying capabilities, you can achieve a seamless background removal effect regardless of the video source.

3. What are the step-by-step instructions for removing the background in Sony Vegas Pro 13?

Answer: To remove the background in Sony Vegas Pro 13, follow these steps:
1. Import your video footage into the timeline.
2. Add the Chroma Keyer effect to the video track.
3. Adjust the Chroma Keyer settings to match the background color you want to remove.
4. Fine-tune the settings to ensure a clean and accurate background removal.
5. Preview the video with the background removed and make any necessary adjustments.
6. Render the final video with the background successfully removed.

4. Are there any additional tips or techniques for enhancing the background removal process in Sony Vegas Pro 13?

Answer: Yes, here are some tips for enhancing the background removal process in Sony Vegas Pro 13:
– Ensure proper lighting while filming to minimize shadows and inconsistencies in the background.
– Use a high-quality green screen or backdrop for optimal chroma keying.
– Experiment with the Chroma Keyer settings, such as tolerance and spill removal, to achieve the best results.
– Consider applying additional effects or adjustments to further enhance the edited footage, such as color correction or adding virtual backgrounds.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, removing the background in Sony Vegas Pro 13 can be easily achieved by following this step-by-step guide. By understanding the necessary tools and techniques, users can effectively eliminate unwanted backgrounds from their videos and enhance the overall visual appeal. The software provides various options and features that allow for precise editing and customization, making it an ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With the information provided in this guide, users can confidently navigate through the editing process and produce professional-looking videos with ease.

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