Why Can’t I Do Investigations in MHW? Exploring the Limitations and Solutions

In the vast and immersive world of Monster Hunter World (MHW), the inability to conduct investigations can be a perplexing dilemma for players seeking to delve deeper into the game’s lore and unlock its secrets. This article aims to explore the limitations players encounter when attempting investigations and proposes potential solutions to overcome these obstacles, offering invaluable insights for avid gamers yearning to break free from the constraints and maximize their exploration in MHW.

Understanding The Limitations Of Investigations In Monster Hunter World

Investigations in Monster Hunter World (MHW) play a crucial role in the game’s progression and provide players with valuable rewards. However, these investigations come with their own set of limitations that can impact the overall experience for players.

One limitation is the finite number of investigations available at any given time. MHW restricts the number of investigations players can have active simultaneously, which can be frustrating for those eager to take on new challenges or farm for specific materials. Additionally, investigations have an expiration timer, further constraining players’ ability to plan and prioritize their tasks.

Furthermore, investigations are often dependent on random drops, which can lead to repetitive farming in hopes of obtaining a desired investigation. This reliance on luck can be discouraging and diminish the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing investigations.

Another limitation lies in the often convoluted unlock criteria for investigations. Some investigations require players to complete specific tasks or meet certain prerequisites, hindering their availability and further limiting players’ options.

Understanding these limitations is crucial for players looking to make efficient progress in MHW. By recognizing and exploring these constraints, players can better strategize their approach and make the most of the available investigations.

Exploring The Importance Of Investigations For Progression In MHW

Investigations play a crucial role in the progression of Monster Hunter World (MHW). They offer a unique and rewarding experience that can greatly enhance the gameplay and overall enjoyment of the game.

Investigations in MHW provide players with various objectives, such as hunting specific monsters, collecting rare materials, or exploring new areas. These objectives give players a sense of purpose and direction throughout their journey. By successfully completing investigations, players can earn valuable rewards, including rare weapons, armor, and crafting materials that are essential for advancing their character’s capabilities.

Apart from the rewards, investigations also offer significant opportunities for character growth and skill development. With each investigation, players can gain invaluable experience in combat, learn about monster behavior, and develop effective strategies for future encounters. The challenges posed by investigations require players to adapt and make tactical decisions, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Furthermore, investigations provide a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. Each investigation differs in terms of difficulty, location, and monster encounters, ensuring a diverse and exciting adventure every time. This variety keeps the game fresh and engaging, preventing monotony and providing long-term replay value.

Overall, investigations are an integral part of MHW, contributing to the game’s depth, progression system, and overall enjoyment. Understanding their importance and utilizing them effectively is essential for any player looking to maximize their experience in the vast world of Monster Hunter World.

The Factors Restricting Players From Doing Investigations In MHW

In Monster Hunter World, investigations play a crucial role in acquiring rare resources, enhancing gear, and progressing in the game. However, there are several factors that restrict players from engaging in investigations.

One significant factor is the limited number of investigation slots available to players. At any given time, players can only have a certain number of investigations active, preventing them from taking on new ones until they complete or abandon existing ones. This limitation can be frustrating, as players may miss out on valuable opportunities to hunt specific monsters or gather specific materials.

Furthermore, investigations are often tied to specific conditions, such as finding tracks or breaking specific monster parts. These conditions can be time-consuming and require players to spend a significant amount of time in the game world, which may not be feasible for those with limited playtime.

Additionally, investigations are often randomly generated, meaning players may not always have access to the investigations they desire. This randomness can lead to a sense of unpredictability and lack of control over one’s progression.

To overcome these limitations, players can employ various strategies, such as prioritizing investigations based on their rewards or teaming up with other players to share investigations. By understanding and actively managing these restrictions, players can optimize their investigation experience and progress efficiently in Monster Hunter World.

Analyzing The Impact Of Limited Investigations On Gameplay Experience

Limited investigations in Monster Hunter World can have a significant impact on the overall gameplay experience for players. Investigations are crucial for obtaining rare items, materials, and resources necessary for character progression and equipment upgrades. With a limited number of investigations available, players may find themselves unable to acquire the essential resources needed to advance in the game.

The scarcity of investigations can also lead to repetitive gameplay, as players may be forced to grind the same monsters repeatedly to gather the required materials. This can result in a sense of frustration and monotony, detracting from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Furthermore, limited investigations can hinder players’ ability to experiment with different strategies or explore new areas in the game. Without ample opportunities to engage in investigations, players may feel restricted and unable to fully utilize their skills and abilities.

To address the impact of limited investigations, it is important for game developers to consider implementing solutions that provide players with a more balanced and rewarding gameplay experience. By increasing the availability of investigations or offering alternative methods to obtain rare resources, players can enjoy a more diverse and satisfying gameplay experience.

Unveiling Potential Solutions To Overcome The Investigation Limitations In MHW

Investigations play a crucial role in the progression of Monster Hunter World, allowing players to gather valuable resources, earn rewards, and unlock new content. However, the limitations placed on investigations can be frustrating for players looking to maximize their gameplay experience. Fortunately, there are several potential solutions that could help overcome these limitations and enhance the overall investigation system in MHW.

One possible solution is to increase the number of available investigations. Currently, players are limited to a set number of investigations, which can quickly be exhausted, leaving players with limited options for progression. By expanding the pool of available investigations, players would have more choices and a greater opportunity to engage in the content they enjoy.

Another solution could be to introduce a system that allows players to customize investigations based on their preferences. This could involve selecting specific monsters, objectives, or difficulty levels, providing players with a more tailored and personalized experience. By allowing players to create their own investigations, the game would become more dynamic and adaptable to individual playstyles.

Furthermore, implementing a rotation system for investigations could also be beneficial. This would ensure that a fresh set of investigations is always available, preventing players from feeling stuck or limited by the selection. A rotating system could keep the gameplay experience constantly evolving and engaging.

Overall, by unveiling these potential solutions to overcome investigation limitations in MHW, players would have a more flexible and enjoyable experience, leading to improved progression and satisfaction within the game.

Strategies To Optimize Investigations For Efficient Progression In The Game

Investigations play a crucial role in the progression of players in Monster Hunter World (MHW). To optimize investigations for efficient progression, players can employ several strategies.

Firstly, it is essential to prioritize investigations based on their rewards and the specific materials needed. By selecting investigations that offer valuable rewards or target specific monster materials required for weapon or armor upgrades, players can maximize their efficiency and progress faster.

Secondly, players should focus on completing multiple objectives within a single investigation to make the most out of their time. Combining objectives such as hunting multiple monsters or gathering specific items allows for more efficient use of resources and increases the chances of obtaining rare materials.

In addition, players should consider forming a hunting party or joining online communities to collaborate with other players. This not only enables sharing and trading investigation quests but also promotes teamwork, making investigations more manageable and enjoyable.

Moreover, utilizing tools such as the Trackerfly or Scoutfly can greatly enhance investigation efficiency. These tools aid in locating monsters and gathering tracks, expediting the process of unlocking investigations and reducing time spent searching for specific monsters.

Finally, mastering combat techniques and learning monster behavior can significantly improve investigation success rates. By efficiently dodging attacks, exploiting monster weaknesses, and employing traps or environmental hazards, players can defeat monsters more quickly, leading to increased rewards and investigation completion rates.

Implementing these strategies can help players optimize investigations in MHW, allowing for efficient progression and a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Highlighting The Benefits Of Investigations And Their Importance In MHW Gameplay

Investigations play a crucial role in the gameplay of Monster Hunter World, offering numerous benefits and enhancing the overall experience for players. This subheading focuses on shedding light on the significance of investigations and why they are a vital component of the game.

Investigations allow players to hunt specific monsters for rewards, gather valuable resources, and unlock new armor and weapons. They provide a sense of purpose and direction, giving players clear objectives to work towards. The rewards earned from investigations are often rare and valuable, helping players to progress and improve their equipment.

Furthermore, investigations add a layer of variety and excitement to the gameplay. Each investigation comes with unique conditions, such as time limits or environmental hazards, making the hunts more challenging and engaging. This diversity keeps the gameplay fresh and ensures that players constantly face new and thrilling experiences.

Investigations also encourage exploration and discovery. By following tracks, collecting evidence, and gathering information, players uncover new monsters, areas, and secrets within the game world. This sense of exploration adds depth to the gameplay and rewards players with a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and ecosystem.

In summary, investigations offer a multitude of benefits, including valuable rewards, strategic challenges, and opportunities for exploration. They are an integral part of Monster Hunter World’s gameplay, enhancing progression and providing an immersive and satisfying experience for players.


1. Why can’t I do investigations in Monster Hunter World?

The inability to do investigations in Monster Hunter World can be attributed to various factors. One major reason is the lack of eligible quests, as investigations are usually unlocked and obtained through specific conditions such as tracking monsters or breaking their parts during hunts. Additionally, certain investigations may have prerequisites or be limited to specific monster species or ranks, further restricting their availability.

2. How can I unlock investigations in MHW?

To unlock investigations in Monster Hunter World, players need to engage in investigations-eligible quests and activities. This includes collecting tracks and traces left by monsters, breaking parts during hunts, and participating in expeditions. These actions increase your research level for each monster, eventually unlocking investigations for that particular creature. It’s also essential to regularly speak with the Field Team Leader and the Ecological Research team to receive new investigation quests.

3. Are there any limitations to investigations in MHW?

Yes, there are several limitations to investigations in Monster Hunter World. Firstly, investigations have a limited number of attempts, indicated by the “rewards remaining” counter. Once this counter reaches zero, the investigation becomes unavailable. Additionally, investigations may have time constraints, requiring completion within a specified timeframe. Moreover, investigations are specific to either solo or multiplayer, meaning some investigations can only be undertaken alone or with a group, excluding the opposite option.

4. What are the solutions to overcome investigation limitations in MHW?

To overcome investigation limitations in Monster Hunter World, players can adopt various strategies. One solution is to focus on increasing their research levels for each monster, as higher levels unlock more investigations. Another solution is to join multiplayer sessions and expeditions, as this increases the chances of encountering new tracks and traces, leading to more investigation opportunities. Additionally, it’s advisable to regularly check with the Field Team Leader and the Ecological Research team for new investigation quests and to manage existing ones effectively.


In conclusion, while Monster Hunter World offers players an immersive and engaging experience, the limitations on investigations can be frustrating for many players. However, by exploring the possible solutions such as adjusting game mechanics, implementing a better matchmaking system, or providing more efficient communication tools, the game developers have the potential to address these limitations and improve the overall multiplayer experience in MHW. By doing so, they can ensure that players can fully enjoy and engage in investigations, further enhancing the gameplay and satisfaction of the Monster Hunter World community.

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