How Does the Argosy Work in MHW: A Comprehensive Guide for Monster Hunter World Players

In the vast and ever-evolving world of Monster Hunter World, one of the most intriguing gameplay mechanics is the Argosy. This enigmatic trading ship offers players countless opportunities to acquire rare items, materials, and resources that are crucial for success on their hunting expeditions. But how does the Argosy work? This comprehensive guide aims to delve into the depths of the Argosy’s mechanics, unveiling its mysteries and providing invaluable tips for all Monster Hunter World players. From setting sail to understanding the myriad of trade options, prepare to navigate the high seas of the Argosy and unlock its untapped potential.

Understanding The Argosy In Monster Hunter World (MHW)

The Argosy is a vital feature in Monster Hunter World (MHW) that allows players to send out a ship to gather resources, items, and materials while they are out on hunts. Understanding how the Argosy works is essential to maximize its effectiveness and reap its benefits.

The Argosy becomes available after reaching Hunter Rank 6 and progressing through the main story quests. It can be accessed by speaking to the

captain at the Tradeyard in Astera. The captain will provide information about the Argosy and offer a few starting options.

Once the Argosy is unlocked, players can start sending it on trade routes to gather valuable resources. These resources can include items such as consumables, armor spheres, and crafting materials. The player has the option to choose between three different types of cargo: consumable items, trading items for research points, and rare materials.

While the Argosy is away, players can continue their hunts and missions. The time it takes for the ship to return depends on the chosen cargo and the number of quests completed. It is important to note that the Argosy requires Research Points and the player’s progress in the game will affect its trade routes and the available items.

Understanding the functionality and features of the Argosy, as well as managing resources effectively, is crucial for every Monster Hunter World player aiming to make the most out of this useful tool.

Unlocking And Accessing The Argosy In MHW

Unlocking and accessing the Argosy in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is an important step for any player looking to maximize their resources and increase their efficiency. To unlock the Argosy, players must progress through the main story and reach the High Rank quests. Once High Rank quests become available, players can talk to the MHW’s Elder Melder NPC and unlock the Astera Tradeyard.

To access the Argosy, players need to visit the Astera Tradeyard and head towards the dock area. There, they will find the Argosy, a large ship that serves as a hub for trading and resource management. By speaking to the Argosy’s captain, players can access a wide range of options and services.

Once on board, players can navigate through different trade routes, each offering various cargo options. It is essential to carefully choose the cargo that the Argosy will be carrying, as different cargos yield different rewards upon their return. This is an opportunity for players to obtain valuable items, materials, and even rare decorations to enhance their hunting experience.

Accessing the Argosy provides players with a multitude of options that can greatly benefit their overall gameplay experience in MHW.

The Functionality And Features Of The Argosy In MHW

The Argosy in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is a valuable resource for players, offering a wide range of functionality and features to enhance their gameplay experience. This subheading explores the various aspects of the Argosy and how players can utilize them effectively.

One of the primary functions of the Argosy is to provide players with a convenient means of obtaining rare items and resources. The ship travels to different locations and trade routes, allowing players to select specific cargo they wish to acquire. Whether it’s rare materials for crafting or valuable consumables, the Argosy offers a selection of trade routes tailored to different player needs.

In addition to cargo selection, the Argosy also allows players to manage their resources efficiently. It provides an inventory system where players can store and stockpile items obtained during their hunts. This feature proves exceptionally useful for players who wish to bolster their supplies without constantly returning to the base camp.

Furthermore, the Argosy provides an opportunity to interact with its captain and crew. Players can engage in conversations, receive valuable advice, and even unlock additional features as they build a relationship with the crew members. Developing these relationships can lead to unique quests, special trades, and other perks that can greatly benefit players in their Monster Hunter World journey.

Overall, the Argosy is an essential tool in MHW that offers a multitude of functionality and features. By understanding and utilizing its capabilities effectively, players can enhance their gameplay experience, acquire valuable resources, and optimize their hunting strategies.

Navigating Trade Routes And Choosing Cargo For The Argosy

Navigating trade routes and choosing cargo for the Argosy in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is a crucial aspect of maximizing its benefits. The Argosy offers various trade routes, each with different cargo options, which players can select based on their preferences and needs.

Before selecting cargo, it is important to understand the different types available. These include materials for crafting, rare items, trade-in items, and provisions. Each cargo type serves a different purpose, so players must carefully evaluate their requirements and prioritize accordingly.

To navigate trade routes, players need to interact with the Argosy’s captain and crew. They will present different trade route options, each with its own rewards and risks. It is essential to consider factors such as the distance, travel time, and possible encounters along the route when making a decision.

Additionally, understanding the market demand for certain items can greatly affect the profitability of the cargo. By analyzing the current market trends and focusing on high-demand items, players can increase their chances of obtaining valuable rewards.

Overall, navigating trade routes and choosing cargo for the Argosy requires careful consideration and strategic planning. By selecting the right cargo and maximizing efficiency, players can reap the full benefits of this valuable resource in MHW.

Managing Resources And Maximizing Efficiency On The Argosy

Managing resources and maximizing efficiency on the Argosy is crucial for any Monster Hunter World player looking to make the most out of this important game feature. The Argosy is a reliable source of valuable resources and items, but learning to manage these resources effectively can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

One key aspect of managing resources on the Argosy is understanding the different kinds of resources available and their uses. The Argosy offers a variety of resources such as crafting materials, rare items, and even trade-in items. It’s important to prioritize which resources you need the most and choose cargo accordingly. This will prevent wastage and ensure you are receiving the items that are most beneficial to your playstyle.

Efficiency on the Argosy can be maximized by regularly checking its stock and cargo availability. By understanding the stock rotation and cargo limits, you can plan your visits to the Argosy more effectively. It is also wise to stock up on items that are in high demand, as these may not be available in every trade cycle.

Additionally, building rapport with the Argosy’s captain and crew can provide you with extra benefits and discounts. Interacting with them regularly and fulfilling their requests will unlock special rewards and trade-in rates.

In conclusion, managing resources and maximizing efficiency on the Argosy requires careful planning, prioritization, and regular interaction with the captain and crew. By utilizing these strategies effectively, Monster Hunter World players can reap the maximum benefits from this important game feature.

Interacting With The Argosy’s Captain And Crew In MHW

The Argosy in Monster Hunter World not only functions as a means of trading and gathering resources but also introduces players to a lively cast of characters. Interacting with the Argosy’s captain and crew adds depth to the game and provides valuable insights and benefits.

The captain of the Argosy is a seasoned hunter with a wealth of knowledge. Engaging in conversation with the captain allows players to acquire valuable tips and strategies for hunting specific monsters and unlocking rare items. Additionally, the captain may offer special quests or challenges that can reward players with exclusive gear or resources.

The crew members of the Argosy are equally important. They specialize in different areas, such as gathering, hunting, or cooking. Regularly speaking with them opens up new dialogue options and enables players to receive additional benefits. For example, the crew members may offer to cook delicious meals that provide temporary boosts to stamina or defense.

Furthermore, developing positive relationships with the captain and crew strengthens their loyalty to the player. This loyalty can lead to increased trading opportunities, better rewards, or even the discovery of hidden locations.

In conclusion, interacting with the Argosy’s captain and crew in Monster Hunter World not only enhances the narrative experience but also grants players access to invaluable information, quests, and bonuses. Make sure to take the time to engage with these characters to fully exploit the potential of the Argosy.

Tips and Strategies for Utilizing the Argosy Effectively in MHW

The Argosy in Monster Hunter World (MHW) can be a valuable tool for players, providing them with a wide range of resources and items. To make the most of this feature, here are some tips and strategies to help you utilize the Argosy effectively.

1. Plan Ahead: Before sending the Argosy on a trade route, consider what resources you need and prioritize them accordingly. This will help you make the most efficient use of the Argosy’s limited cargo space.

2. Utilize Trade Routes: Different trade routes offer different resources and items. Take the time to understand the routes available and choose the one that provides the resources you require, whether it be rare materials for crafting or consumables for your hunts.

3. Balance Cargo: The Argosy has limited space, so it’s important to balance your cargo effectively. Prioritize valuable items or resources that are harder to obtain in the game world.

4. Communicate with the Captain: Talk to the Argosy’s Captain regularly to gain insight into what cargo is available and what items other hunters are requesting. This will help you make informed decisions on what to prioritize during your trade routes.

5. Optimize Efficiency: Send the Argosy on trade routes while you are out on quests or hunts. This way, you can maximize your time and ensure a steady supply of resources without interrupting your gameplay.

By following these tips and strategies, you can effectively utilize the Argosy in MHW, bolstering your resources and enhancing your overall gaming experience.


1. How do I unlock the Argosy in Monster Hunter World?

To unlock the Argosy, you need to progress through the story and reach the High Rank missions. Once you’ve reached this level, you can unlock the Argosy by talking to the Captain in the Tradeyard of Astera.

2. What services does the Argosy provide in Monster Hunter World?

The Argosy offers several services to players. It allows you to trade items, including rare materials and endemic life, for valuable resources. It also has a provision area where you can purchase consumables like potions and traps. Additionally, you can send the Argosy out on an expedition to gather more resources for you.

3. How can I increase the rewards I receive from the Argosy?

You can increase the rewards you receive from the Argosy by leveling up the various features of the ship. This includes the three different trading areas, as well as the provision area. By upgrading these areas using Research Points, you will unlock better and more valuable items for trade and purchase.

4. How often does the Argosy return to Astera?

The Argosy returns to Astera on a regular basis, but the frequency may vary. However, you can speed up the return process by completing quests or spending research points. Expeditions typically take longer to complete, but can yield more valuable resources. Pay attention to the in-game notifications to know when the Argosy is back and ready for you to trade and restock.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Argosy is a valuable tool for Monster Hunter World players, providing various resources and items that are vital for their hunting expeditions. From gathering materials to delivering rare treasures, this comprehensive guide has outlined the workings of the Argosy and its efficiency in enhancing gameplay. By utilizing this feature strategically, players can easily obtain valuable resources and items, ultimately improving their hunting experience in Monster Hunter World.

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