How to Split the Screen on Sony Vegas Pro 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are a video editor using Sony Vegas Pro 14, you may often find yourself in need of splitting the screen to display multiple videos or images simultaneously. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of splitting the screen on Sony Vegas Pro 14, allowing you to create engaging and dynamic visuals for your video projects. Whether you are new to Sony Vegas Pro or a seasoned user, this guide will provide you with a clear and comprehensive explanation of the steps involved in split-screen editing.

Setting Up The Workspace For Split-screen Editing

Setting up the workspace is the first step to effectively split the screen on Sony Vegas Pro 14. To begin, open the software and create a new project. Then, navigate to the “View” tab at the top of the screen and select “Window Layouts.” Here, you can choose the “Default” layout or create a custom layout that suits your needs.

Next, arrange your workspace by resizing and rearranging the different panels. You may want to prioritize the “Project Media” panel to easily import and organize your video clips for the split-screen editing.

Additionally, consider adding the “Video Preview” window to the layout. This will enable you to view the changes in real-time as you work on splitting the screen.

Once you have set up your workspace, you are ready to proceed with the actual split-screen editing process in Sony Vegas Pro 14.

Importing And Organizing Multiple Video Clips For Split-screen Editing

Importing and organizing multiple video clips is an essential step in creating a split-screen effect in Sony Vegas Pro 14. To begin, make sure all the video clips you plan to use are saved in a folder on your computer.

Next, open Sony Vegas Pro 14 and click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select “Import Media” and navigate to the folder where your video clips are located.

Click and drag each video clip from the media bin to the timeline. Arrange the clips in the order you want them to appear in the split-screen layout.

To ensure a smooth editing process, it’s important to organize the video clips on separate tracks. To do this, right-click anywhere on the timeline and select “Insert Video Track.” Repeat this process until you have enough tracks for each video clip.

Finally, arrange the video clips on different tracks by dragging them up or down the timeline. This will allow you to easily apply effects and adjust the size and position of each clip in the split-screen layout.

Understanding The Track And Timeline Layout In Sony Vegas Pro 14

The track and timeline layout in Sony Vegas Pro 14 is an essential aspect to understand before diving into split-screen editing. It allows you to arrange and organize your video clips in a clear and structured manner.

In this subheading, we will explore the track and timeline layout in Sony Vegas Pro 14, providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to effectively navigate through it.

The timeline is a horizontal representation of your project, divided into tracks. Each track represents a different video or audio element. By default, there are several tracks available, such as video tracks, audio tracks, and text tracks.

To create a split-screen effect, you need to place multiple video clips on separate video tracks. This allows you to control the positioning and arrangement of each clip in the split-screen layout.

Understanding how to add, delete, and rearrange tracks is crucial in creating a well-organized split-screen project. Additionally, learning how to expand or contract tracks to accurately adjust the length of your clips is also important.

By becoming familiar with the track and timeline layout in Sony Vegas Pro 14, you will have a solid foundation to effectively split the screen and achieve professional-looking results in your video editing projects.

Creating A Basic Split-screen Effect Using The Event Pan/Crop Tool

The Event Pan/Crop tool in Sony Vegas Pro 14 allows you to create a basic split-screen effect by dividing the screen into multiple sections and assigning different video clips to each section. Follow these steps to achieve this effect:

1. Import the video clips you want to use for the split-screen effect into your Sony Vegas Pro 14 project.
2. Drag each video clip onto separate tracks in the timeline.
3. Select the video clip on the top track and click on the Event Pan/Crop button in the toolbar.
4. In the Event Pan/Crop window, click on the “Create a New Masked Effect” button.
5. Adjust the size and position of the video clip by using the anchor points and handles in the preview window.
6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each video clip, making sure to position them in different sections of the screen.
7. Play the timeline to preview the split-screen effect. Make any necessary adjustments.
8. Once satisfied with the split-screen layout, render and export the final video in your desired format.

By following these steps, you can easily create a basic split-screen effect using the Event Pan/Crop tool in Sony Vegas Pro 14.

Adjusting The Size And Position Of Each Video Clip In The Split-screen Layout

Once you have imported and organized your multiple video clips in Sony Vegas Pro 14, it’s time to adjust the size and position of each clip in the split-screen layout. This step allows you to create a visually appealing and balanced composition.

To adjust the size, click on the video clip you want to resize and go to the “Event Pan/Crop” tool. A new window will open, showing the video clip’s properties. From here, you can change the scale of the clip by dragging the corners or using the percentage options.

To position the video clip, simply click and drag it to the desired location within the split-screen layout. You can use the alignment guides to ensure precise placement.

It’s important to note that each video clip should be resized and repositioned individually, based on your desired split-screen arrangement. You can experiment with different sizes and positions to achieve the desired effect.

Remember to preview your split-screen layout frequently to ensure that each video clip fits seamlessly together and creates the desired impact. Once you’re satisfied with the size and position of each clip, you can move on to adding transitions and effects to enhance your split-screen editing.

Adding Transitions And Effects To Enhance The Split-screen Editing

When it comes to split-screen editing in Sony Vegas Pro 14, adding transitions and effects can take your video to the next level. These creative elements can help blend the multiple video clips together seamlessly and make your split-screen more visually appealing.

To add transitions, you can simply drag and drop them from the “Transitions” pane onto the edit points between your clips. You can choose from a variety of transitions such as fades, wipes, and slides to create smooth and professional-looking transitions between your split-screen clips.

Furthermore, Sony Vegas Pro 14 offers a wide range of effects that can enhance your split-screen editing. Effects like color grading, chroma keying, and text overlays can add depth and creativity to your split-screen video. Experiment with different effects to find the ones that work best for your project.

Remember to use transitions and effects sparingly to avoid overwhelming your split-screen video. It’s essential to maintain a balance and ensure that the overall focus remains on the main content. By using these tools effectively, you can elevate your split-screen editing and create a visually captivating final product.

Exporting The Final Split-screen Video In Sony Vegas Pro 14

Once you have finished creating your split-screen video in Sony Vegas Pro 14, it’s time to export it and share it with others. Exporting the final video is a crucial step to ensure that your split-screen effect is preserved and can be viewed on various devices.

To begin the exporting process, go to the File menu and select “Render As.” This will open the Render As dialog box where you can customize the export settings.

First, choose the location where you want to save the video file. It is recommended to create a new folder specifically for your split-screen project to keep things organized.

Next, select the desired format for your exported video. Sony Vegas Pro 14 offers a wide range of formats to choose from, including popular ones like MP4 and AVI. Consider the purpose of your video and the devices on which it will be played to select the appropriate format.

After choosing the format, you can further tweak the video settings such as resolution, frame rate, and bit rate. If you are unsure about these settings, it’s recommended to use the default options.

Finally, click on the “Render” button to start the exporting process. Sony Vegas Pro 14 will begin rendering the video according to your selected settings. The time taken to export the video will depend on the length and complexity of your split-screen project.

Once the export process is complete, you can locate the final split-screen video in the folder you specified earlier. You can now share it with others, upload it to video platforms, or use it in your projects as needed.


1. Can I split the screen in Sony Vegas Pro 14?

Yes, Sony Vegas Pro 14 allows you to split the screen to create various effects and layouts. This feature is particularly useful for multitasking and comparing different shots or scenes in your video project.

2. How do I split the screen in Sony Vegas Pro 14?

To split the screen in Sony Vegas Pro 14, follow these steps:
1. Open your project in Sony Vegas Pro 14.
2. Locate the track containing the video you want to split.
3. Right-click on the video track and select “Video Event FX.”
4. In the Video Event FX window, click on the “Crop” tab.
5. Under “Crop” settings, adjust the top, bottom, left, and right values to split the screen into desired sections.
6. Preview the changes in the video preview pane and fine-tune the adjustments if needed.
7. Click “OK” to apply the split screen effect to your video.

3. Can I resize the split screen sections in Sony Vegas Pro 14?

Yes, you can resize the split screen sections in Sony Vegas Pro 14. After applying the split screen effect, you can go back to the Video Event FX window and modify the crop settings to adjust the size of each section. This allows you to create customized split screen layouts according to your preferences.

4. Are there any preset split screen templates available in Sony Vegas Pro 14?

Unfortunately, Sony Vegas Pro 14 does not provide built-in preset split screen templates. However, you can manually create your desired split screen layouts by adjusting the crop settings. Additionally, you can save your created layouts as presets for future use, saving time on repetitive tasks.


In conclusion, splitting the screen on Sony Vegas Pro 14 can be easily achieved by following these step-by-step instructions. By utilizing the powerful features of this software, users can seamlessly divide their screen into multiple sections, allowing for more creative and professional video editing. Whether for personal or professional use, mastering this technique can significantly enhance the final product, adding visual interest and organization to the video content.

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