How to Get Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World: A Guide to Unlocking Vibrant Mastery

The Rainbow Pigment is one of the most sought-after achievements in Monster Hunter World, as it unlocks the ability to customize your weapons and armor with vibrant and unique colors. In this guide, we will take you step-by-step through the process of unlocking this elusive pigment, providing you with all the tips and strategies you need to master the challenges and achieve vibrant mastery in the world of Monster Hunter.

Understanding The Rainbow Pigment: What Is It And Why Is It Sought After?

The Rainbow Pigment is a highly coveted color customization option in Monster Hunter World that allows players to dye their armor and weapons with vibrant and unique colors. Unlike other color pigments, the Rainbow Pigment offers a wide range of hues and shades, giving players the freedom to create personalized and eye-catching designs.

The main reason why the Rainbow Pigment is so sought after is that it represents a significant milestone in a player’s progression. Unlocking the Rainbow Pigment requires completing numerous challenging tasks and quests, making it a symbol of a player’s dedication and skill. Additionally, obtaining the Rainbow Pigment allows players to stand out from the crowd and showcase their achievements to other hunters.

Furthermore, the Rainbow Pigment adds an extra layer of immersion and personalization to the game. As players customize their armor and weapons with their chosen colors, they can truly feel like they are stepping into the shoes of their unique and powerful hunter. Overall, the Rainbow Pigment is a highly sought-after reward that offers both aesthetic appeal and a sense of accomplishment for Monster Hunter World players.

Completing The Low-Rank And High-Rank Hunts: The Key To Unlocking The Rainbow Pigment.

Completing low-rank and high-rank hunts is crucial for unlocking the coveted Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World. This subheading focuses on the significance of these hunts in your journey towards vibrant mastery.

To begin with, the Rainbow Pigment is a reward for achieving the highest level of mastery in the game. However, it can only be unlocked by completing a specific set of tasks and challenges. One of the most important requirements is to finish both low-rank and high-rank hunts.

Low-rank hunts introduce you to the game’s mechanics and allow you to build a strong foundation for your skills. These hunts are relatively easier and prepare you for the tougher challenges that lie ahead. Once you have successfully conquered low-rank hunts, you can progress to high-rank hunts.

High-rank hunts present a greater level of difficulty and require advanced strategies and equipment. By completing these hunts, you not only enhance your hunting skills but also gain access to more powerful armor sets and weapons. These upgrades will prove invaluable in your quest for the Rainbow Pigment.

In conclusion, completing low-rank and high-rank hunts is a vital step towards unlocking the Rainbow Pigment. These hunts will test your abilities and reward you with the necessary tools to overcome the challenges that await you. Stay focused, sharpen your weapons, and take on the toughest hunts to achieve vibrant mastery.

Strengthening Your Hunter Ranks: A Requirement For Unlocking The Rainbow Pigment.

To unlock the highly coveted Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World, hunters must first strengthen their Hunter Ranks. This is a crucial requirement that players need to fulfill in their journey towards achieving vibrant mastery.

Hunter Ranks represent a player’s overall progress and experience in the game. As hunters progress through various quests and hunts, they earn Hunter Points (HR) which contribute to their Hunter Rank. It is important to note that only after reaching Hunter Rank 49, players will be able to embark on the special quest that will unlock the Rainbow Pigment.

To strengthen your Hunter Rank, it is essential to complete challenging quests, slay powerful monsters, and undertake missions across different regions. By defeating formidable foes, you not only gain valuable experience but also accumulate the necessary Hunter Points to increase your Hunter Rank.

Moreover, engaging in multiplayer hunts can significantly boost your Hunter Rank progression. Joining forces with other skilled hunters to take down formidable monsters not only makes the hunts easier but also yields greater rewards, including increased Hunter Points.

In summary, strengthening your Hunter Rank is a pivotal step towards unlocking the Rainbow Pigment. By conquering challenging quests and raising your Hunter Rank to 49, you will be one step closer to achieving vibrant mastery in Monster Hunter World.

Mastering Every Optional Quest: Exploring The Importance Of Completing All Optional Quests.

Completing every optional quest in Monster Hunter World is an essential step towards unlocking the coveted Rainbow Pigment. While it may seem like a tedious task, it is crucial to understand the significance of these quests in your journey towards vibrant mastery.

First and foremost, optional quests serve as valuable opportunities to improve your skills and knowledge of the game. By facing a variety of monsters and challenges, you gain experience and enhance your combat prowess. Each quest offers unique obstacles and rewards, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the trials ahead.

Furthermore, the Rainbow Pigment requires hunters to demonstrate their mastery in all areas of the game. By completing every optional quest, you showcase your ability to conquer a wide range of challenges, solidifying your reputation as a skilled and versatile hunter.

Additionally, optional quests often unlock important resources, equipment, and upgrades that can significantly boost your overall performance. From rare materials to powerful weapons, these rewards can greatly enhance your capabilities and give you an edge against formidable foes.

In conclusion, mastering every optional quest is not just a requirement for obtaining the Rainbow Pigment but also a crucial step towards becoming an accomplished hunter. Embrace these quests as opportunities for growth and seize the chance to improve your skills, strengthen your arsenal, and showcase your expertise in the world of Monster Hunter.

Achieving A Full House At The Poogie Farm: Utilizing The Poogie’s Luck To Increase Your Chances.

Obtaining the Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World requires players to go above and beyond in their hunting endeavors. One unique method to increase the likelihood of receiving this highly sought-after pigment involves forming a special bond with the adorable Poogie at the Poogie Farm.

To achieve a Full House at the Poogie Farm, players must first locate the Poogie within the game. The Poogie can typically be found in Astera, the central hub, near the Smithy. Interacting with the Poogie will gradually build a rapport, and players can eventually unlock the ability to dress the Poogie in various costumes.

To increase the chances of unlocking the Rainbow Pigment, players must find specific costumes for the Poogie. These costumes are hidden throughout the game world and require thorough exploration to locate. Dressing the Poogie in these special outfits will not only increase its luck but also grant additional benefits to the player, such as increased rare material rewards.

By investing time and effort into building a strong relationship with the Poogie and dressing it in the proper costumes, players can greatly enhance their chances of obtaining the Rainbow Pigment. Remember, the Poogie’s luck may just be the key to unlocking vibrant mastery in Monster Hunter World.

Uniting With The Lynian Researcher: An Essential Step Towards Unlocking The Rainbow Pigment.

To unlock the elusive Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World, players must embark on a quest to unite with the Lynian Researcher. This step is crucial in progressing towards obtaining the highly sought-after vibrant mastery.

Players will first encounter the Lynian Researcher in the Ancient Forest area during their exploration. The researcher will request the player’s help in finding various Lynian species throughout the different locales. This questline serves as a means to familiarize players with the unique behaviors and habitats of these elusive creatures.

It is essential to pay close attention to the researcher’s clues and explore each locale thoroughly, as the Lynians can be quite elusive and may require some patience to find. Once players have successfully located and interacted with all the specified Lynians, they can report back to the Lynian Researcher to progress further.

Completing this questline and uniting with the Lynian Researcher is a significant milestone on the path towards unlocking the Rainbow Pigment. It not only provides players with valuable information regarding the game’s lore but also plays a crucial role in expanding their understanding of the monster ecosystem.

The Blossom Festival And Its Role In Obtaining The Rainbow Pigment: Understanding The Festival’s Impact On Your Progress

The Blossom Festival is an annual event in Monster Hunter World that plays a crucial role in your quest to obtain the Rainbow Pigment. This festive event brings a plethora of new activities and quests for hunters to participate in. The festival introduces new decorations, special gathering spots, and most importantly, exclusive limited-time event quests.

During the Blossom Festival, several event quests become available, some of which are specifically designed to help you unlock the Rainbow Pigment. These quests often have unique requirements or challenges that push your hunting skills to their limits. Completing these event quests not only rewards you with valuable materials and gear but also contributes to your progress towards unlocking the Rainbow Pigment.

In addition to the event quests, the Blossom Festival also features a variety of special bonuses and enhancements. These can include increased drop rates for certain materials, discounts on items, and even unique cosmetic rewards. Taking advantage of these festival perks can significantly speed up your progress, making it easier to meet the necessary requirements for unlocking the Rainbow Pigment.

The Blossom Festival is a time-limited event, so be sure to make the most of it while it lasts. By participating in the festival’s activities and completing the event quests, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the vibrant mastery of the Rainbow Pigment. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to progress in your hunting journey.


1. How do I unlock the Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World?

To unlock the Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World, you need to achieve Master Rank 200 and complete all Optional Quests. This is a significant milestone in the game’s progression, requiring dedication and thorough completion of various quests.

2. How can I reach Master Rank 200 quickly?

Reaching Master Rank 200 can take a considerable amount of time as it requires completing a significant number of quests and hunts. However, you can expedite your progress by focusing on completing the story quests first, as they provide large amounts of Master Rank experience. Additionally, participating in event quests and hunting powerful monsters efficiently can also speed up the process.

3. Are there any specific Optional Quests I need to complete?

Yes, to unlock the Rainbow Pigment, you must complete all the Optional Quests available in the game. These quests, which become available as you progress through the story and reach specific Hunter Ranks, are marked with a blue exclamation point (!) in the quest board area. Make sure to complete all of them to unlock the Rainbow Pigment.

4. What are the benefits of unlocking the Rainbow Pigment?

Unlocking the Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World grants you the Vibrant Mastery achievement, showcasing your dedication and completion of the game’s most challenging tasks. It allows you to freely change the color of your armor and layered armor to any shade you desire, providing a unique and personalized aesthetic to your character’s appearance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, unlocking the Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World requires dedication, perseverance, and mastery in various aspects of the game. By completing all assigned quests, achieving high research levels, and obtaining all crowns, players can unlock this vibrant mastery and display their skill and dedication to the Monster Hunter World community. With the Rainbow Pigment in their arsenal, hunters can stand out and showcase their achievements in this thrilling and challenging game.

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