How to Factory Reset My Moto e5: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this step-by-step guide, we will explore how to perform a factory reset on the Moto e5 smartphone. Whether you’re experiencing performance issues, want to erase personal data before selling your device, or simply want a fresh start, a factory reset can solve various problems and bring your Moto e5 back to its original state. By following our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to navigate the reset process effortlessly and ensure that your device is reset effectively.

Preparing For A Factory Reset

Before performing a factory reset on your Moto e5, it is crucial to prepare for the process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Firstly, it is highly recommended to back up all your important data and files. A factory reset will erase all the data on your device, including contacts, messages, photos, and apps. By creating a backup, you can restore your data later without any loss.

To back up your data, you can use various methods. You can sync your contacts and calendar to your Google account, upload photos and videos to cloud storage services like Google Photos, and transfer files to a computer using a USB cable.

Furthermore, it is advisable to remove your SIM card and memory card from the device. Although a factory reset doesn’t typically affect these cards, it’s best to take precautions to prevent any potential issues.

Once you have created a backup and removed the cards, ensure that your Moto e5 is sufficiently charged or connected to a power source. Performing a factory reset with a low battery may lead to unexpected shutdowns or other complications. By following these preparations, you can proceed with the factory reset confidently.

Accessing The Settings Menu On Moto E5

Accessing the Settings menu is essential to initiate a factory reset on your Moto e5. To do so, follow these simple steps. Firstly, locate the “Settings” app on your Moto e5’s home screen or app drawer, which is represented by a gear-shaped icon. Once you’ve located the app, tap on it to open the Settings menu.

Within the Settings menu, you will find several options and categories. Scroll down the menu until you reach the “System” or “System & Updates” category. Tap on it to access the system-related settings for your device.

Now, look for the “Advanced” option within the system settings. Tap on it to reveal additional settings options. Depending on your device’s software version, the location of the Factory Reset option may differ slightly. However, in most cases, you will find the Factory Reset option under the Advanced settings.

Tap on the Factory Reset option, and you will be prompted with a warning message detailing the consequences of a factory reset. Take a moment to read and understand the information provided to ensure you are aware of the implications.

Once you are ready to proceed with the factory reset, follow the instructions provided on your Moto e5’s screen to confirm and initiate the process.

Locating And Selecting The Factory Reset Option

After accessing the Settings Menu on your Moto e5, the next step is to locate and select the Factory Reset option. To do this, scroll down the settings menu until you find the “System” section. Tap on it to expand the options.

Within the System section, you will see various options related to device settings and maintenance. Look for the option labeled “Reset” or “Back up & reset”. Tap on it to proceed.

Once you’re in the Reset menu, you may encounter different options including “Factory data reset”, “Reset phone”, or “Erase all data (factory reset)”. The terminology may vary slightly depending on the device’s software version. Regardless of the specific wording, choose the option that refers to resetting the device to its factory settings.

Selecting the factory reset option will prompt a warning message informing you about the consequences of this action, such as the deletion of all data and settings on your Moto e5. Make sure to read through the warning carefully before proceeding to the next step.

Understanding The Consequences Of Factory Reset

When performing a factory reset on your Moto e5, it is crucial to understand the consequences it may have on your device. A factory reset erases all data and settings on your phone, returning it to its original state when you first bought it. Here are a few things to consider before proceeding with the reset:

1. Data Loss: Performing a factory reset will delete all information stored on your phone, including contacts, messages, photos, videos, and apps. It is essential to back up any important data before initiating the reset process.

2. App Removal: Along with personal files, factory reset also removes all third-party apps installed on your Moto e5. You will need to reinstall them manually after the reset.

3. Account Disconnection: Any accounts linked to your phone, such as Google or social media accounts, will be disconnected after the factory reset. You will have to sign in again and configure the settings.

4. System Updates: If your Moto e5 had any system updates installed, a factory reset will remove them, reverting your phone to its original software version. You may need to download and install the updates again.

Understanding these consequences will help you make an informed decision before proceeding with the factory reset on your Moto e5. Remember to backup your data and take necessary precautions to ensure a smooth and hassle-free reset process.

Confirming The Factory Reset On Moto E5

After selecting the factory reset option on your Moto e5, you will be prompted to confirm your decision. This step is crucial as it ensures that you do not accidentally reset your device.

To confirm the factory reset, a confirmation message will appear on your screen, asking if you really want to proceed with the reset. It will typically mention that all data, settings, and apps will be deleted from your device.

To continue with the factory reset, you need to click on the “Confirm” or “Yes” button. This step is important because once the reset process begins, there is no way to stop it or recover any data that was not backed up.

It is vital to double-check your decision before confirming the factory reset. Make sure you have backed up any important files, photos, or contacts to prevent any irreversible data loss. Once you have confirmed the factory reset, you can proceed to the next step in the process, completing the factory reset on your Moto e5.

Completing The Factory Reset Process

After confirming the factory reset on your Moto e5, the device will start the reset process. This process may take a few minutes to complete, so it’s essential to keep your device powered on during this time.

The Moto e5 will display a progress bar on the screen, indicating how far the reset process has progressed. You may also see the Moto logo during this step, which is normal.

During the factory reset, all the data on your device will be erased, including apps, settings, and personal files. It’s crucial to have a backup of any important data that you don’t wish to lose.

Once the factory reset is complete, the Moto e5 will reboot automatically. You may notice that the device takes a bit longer than usual to start up since it’s setting up the system and reinstalling the necessary software.

After the device has restarted successfully, it will be in its original factory state, just like when you first purchased it. You can then proceed to set up your Moto e5, sign in to your Google account, and restore your backed-up data and personalize your device.

Restoring Data And Personalizing Moto E5 After Factory Reset

After successfully performing a factory reset on your Moto e5, it is important to restore your data and personalize your device to make it feel familiar again. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Sign in to your Google account: Upon resetting your Moto e5, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google account. Enter your credentials to regain access to your Google services, such as Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Drive.

2. Restore apps and data: Once signed in, you can choose to restore your previously installed apps and backed-up data from the Google Play Store. Simply tap on “Restore” when prompted and the apps will be reinstalled automatically.

3. Configure preferences: After restoring your apps, you may need to reconfigure the settings and preferences for each app to match your preferences. Take the time to customize your apps according to your needs.

4. Set up security measures: To ensure the safety of your device, set up security measures like passcodes, fingerprint sensors, or facial recognition.

5. Customize your home screen: Personalize your Moto e5 by adding widgets, shortcuts, and rearranging app icons on your home screen. You can also choose a wallpaper that suits your style.

By following these steps, you can easily restore your data and personalize your Moto e5 after a factory reset, making it feel like your own device again.


1. How do I factory reset my Moto e5?

To factory reset your Moto e5, go to the “Settings” menu on your device. Scroll down and select “System”. From there, tap on “Reset” and then “Factory data reset”. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

2. Will I lose all my data when I factory reset my Moto e5?

Yes, a factory reset will delete all the data on your Moto e5, including apps, contacts, photos, and personal settings. It is essential to back up any important data before proceeding with the reset.

3. What should I do if my Moto e5 is not responding after a factory reset?

If your Moto e5 becomes unresponsive or stuck on a screen after a factory reset, try performing a hard reset. Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds until the device restarts. This should resolve any software issues.

4. How long does it take to complete a factory reset on the Moto e5?

The time it takes to complete a factory reset on the Moto e5 can vary depending on the amount of data on your device. Typically, the process takes around 10-15 minutes. However, it’s recommended to keep your device connected to a power source during the reset to prevent any interruptions.

Final Words

In conclusion, performing a factory reset on the Moto e5 can effectively resolve various issues and improve the device’s performance. By following the step-by-step guide provided, users can easily reset their device to its original factory settings, erasing any personal data and settings in the process. It is important to note that a factory reset should only be performed as a last resort, after attempting other troubleshooting methods.

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